Challenge what’s possible.

Passion drives us. Innovation excites us. At vrtual, we build world-class Virtual Reality products, elevating our customers to the next level.

See what’s possible

About VR

Virtual reality or ‘VR’ technology is incredible. It’s potential just about limitless. VR has the power to create truly paradigm shifting experiences.

At vrtual, we deploy this technology to embolden you by:

  • Innovating strategies to help reduce cost and increase your profit margin.
  • Creating systems which allow you to operate more efficiently.
  • Empowering you with an edge over your competitors

Our work

vrtual HVAC

In 2018 we begun hiring specialists and partnering with global leaders in commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning (HVAC). We now build world first HVAC VR training simulators accessible by students and educators anywhere via the internet.

Mall of Tembisa

In 2019 SCIP Engineering Group and MDS Architecture commissioned vrtual to build a VR model of their flagship shopping mall design, to offer their clients exceptional alternatives in the promotion of large scale, high end Real Estate Projects.

Remote Trainer 

In 2019. vrtual HVAC enhanced our specialised workplace training portfolio by offering ‘remote trainer’ capability. This allows industry technicians to receive world class, one on one training on a range of high tech equipment, anywhere via the internet.

Seven West Media

In 2015 The West Australian Government approached Seven West Media to present their major infrastructure projects in a fresh, unique and engaging way. We designed and developed the ‘virtual tours’ for Perth Children’s Hospital, Optus Stadium and Yagan Square.

NEBB Australia

In 2017 the National Environmental Balancing Bureau of Australia (NEBB Australia) approached us to explore the possibilities of using VR tech in workplace training. We designed and built a real time workplace training simulator.

Clients in Construction

Over the last few years, we’ve assisted a range of Residential and Commercial building clients in using VR tech to showcase their products to customers in a more user friendly and cost effective way.

Our Partners

Our Story



Creative & Technology

18 September 1991. Joel is 11 years old. With Dad in hand, Joel casually strolled through a small computer store in Hobart, where he discovered Virtual Reality games for the first time. This encounter sparked a passion for VR technology which has driven him ever since. 25 years later, Joel is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled VR developers in Australia, continuing to develop new ways to implement this amazing technology.



Business Development

20 July 2016. Gabe tracks Joel down to talk ‘VR’. He is still as passionate about business as when he started his first one at age 10. Gabe has worked and studied in business and entrepreneurship his entire life. He is constantly innovating in business and generating opportunities for positive change. A shared passion for technology and innovation brought Gabe and Joel together… and from that, vrtual was born.



Industry Application & Training

Late in 2017. Derek is enjoying the convergence of his passions: building services, technology, and training. After launching successful start-ups in building systems commissioning and software development, he finally takes the leap to VR and joins Gabe and Joel. Derek now gets to share his passion for innovation with others through the power of this leading-edge media. This dynamic team continues along the journey of innovation every day where now, more than ever, we are challenging what’s possible.
Today, our vision at vrtual is to operate as a global company, with a culture of absolute excellence, boundless adventure and complete care for our clients and our people. With a small team of passionate developers we work hard everyday to fulfill our mission:
‘At the forefront of technology, we relentlessly pursue the boundaries of creativity and innovation. We produce world class virtual reality product, empowering our customers to revolutionise the way they operate.’


We look forward to hearing from you. So reach out and say hi!

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